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2.5MW CENTRAX Gas Turbine Generator

Complete Gas Turbine Generating system. Was installed at a Major
Facilities site (Gas Liquefaction) in South Wales as a “Black Start”
unit in 1981.
Used as Standby only.
Serviced by Centrax from new. Last serviced in 2008 when the
system was moth-balled.
Total running hours: 1546
Centrax 350
Serial no: 3501 (November 1981)
Nominal Rating: 2500kW @ 15°C (sea level)
Fuel: Natural Gas (LCV 34.47 MJ/m³)
Turbine : Allison Gas Turbine
Assembly No: 9-501-0145
Serial No: ASP-879
Engine Model: 501-KB
Oil spec: EMS-35
Alternator : Brush AC Generator
3125 kVA (Panel mounted AVR)
1500 RPM
11,000 Volts / 3 phase
164 Amps
Machine no: 31874A1G
Rating: CMR
Frame: BEJ5511144/4
Exciter –Frame XP63.8/24 Machine no: 31874A1E
Gear Box : Allen Gears Planetary
Type: X5/41012
Serial: 1
Size: APG 23
Rated power: 3860KW
Gear box ratio: 9.473
Input: 14210rpm
Output: 1500rpm
All mounted on to a composite Heavy Duty Fabricated Channel steel
section Base.
Associated equipment /services (off skid)
Hydraulic Starting System with Volvo 6-cylinder Diesel Engine
Lube oil cooling system
Air Intake and Extraction System
Black Start Battery Charging panel and Batteries
Control and Control logic panel for Turbine/Alternator with Alarms
and Pre-Trip Alarm Annunciators
Synchronising Control Equipment
Fuel System including final pressure control and filtration
Serco Control Switches
Purging system
Neutral/Earth breaker panel
Gas Detection and Protection
Fire Detection and Protection
Generator room Temperature control panel
The entire Gas Liquefaction plant was closed in 2008 following the
advent of the gas supply deal with Qatar.
This Centrax Generator was the second unit manufactured by
Centrax (Newton Abbott) Ltd. The 501 unit became the standard
configuration for the Centrax 2.7~3.5MW models. As such, this
unit is considered to be under-rated. This unit was installed as a
Standby. Potentially lifespan is reckoned to be 25,000 to 30,000
running hours before major overhaul/service works.


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• Gas Turbine GE LMS100PA
3 spool hybrid gas turbine in the LM family:
Low pressure compressor (LPC)
Aeroderivative supercore (high pressure compressor, combustor and high
pressure turbine and intermediate pressure turbine)
Five stages low pressure turbine turbine (LPT)
• Generator
Air cooled Hitachi (model GH1150A) made 2-pole generator rated at min 138,75kVA @
0.80pf, 15ºC cooling air, 11.500 volts, 50Hz
• Gas Turbine Enclosure
Weatherproof acoustic enclosure and a removable roof for quick engine removal and
• Turbine Baseplate
Support structure for the gas turbine
• Air Inlet System
High efficiency self cleaning filtration system with platforms and ladders to service the
inlet filter
• Anti-icing system
Anti-icing cooling system based on gas turbine axial compressor bleed air
• Intercooler
Intercooler system that includes water cooled heat exchanger, variable bleed valve
(VBV), VBV silencer, and interconnect piping and supports.
• Turbine Exhaust
Right-hand (aft looking forward) rectangular exhaust outlet with connection flange to
facilitate mounting of the exhaust system
• Fuel system
Natural gas system using an electronically controlled fuel-metering valve
All necessary shutoff valves, piping and instruments between baseplate
connection and the engine
• Water injection for NOx control
Water injection system for NOx emissions limitations consisting of an inlet strainer,
pump, motor, valves, piping and controls.
• Cooling water pumps skid
Water pumps skid with 2×100% water pumps to supply cooling water to both the gas
turbine intercooler and GTG lube oil coolers, and a third pump to supply cooling water
to the GTG lube oil coolers during the GTG shutdown.
• Lube oil systems
Two separate lube oil systems:
Synthetic lube oil system for gas turbine core & intermediate pressure turbine:
Skid with 2×100% filters, 2×100% shell and tube coolers and thermostaticallycontrolled
electric heaters.
Mineral lube oil system for generator, low pressure compressor & power
turbine: Skid with 2×100% filters, 2×100% shell and tube coolers and
thermostatically-controlled electric heaters.
• Electro-hydraulic start system
An electric motor driven hydraulic pump assembly, filters, cooler and controls.
• Fire protection system
Factory installed fire protection system with optical flame detection,
hydrocarbon sensing and thermal detectors, piping and nozzles in the engine
24VDC battery and charger to power the fire protection system
• Gas Turbine Generator Control System
Freestanding GE MK VIe control panel mounted in the Power Control Module
• Battery systems
Battery systems mounted in the Power Control Module:
24V DC battery systems for the fire protection and gas turbine generator
control systems
125V DC battery system for control cooling backup
240V DC battery system to power the mineral lube oil system DC motor driven
backup pump.
• Generator Protective Relays
Microprocessor-based Beckwith M-3425 Integrated Generator Protection system
module (IGPS) mounted in the turbine control panel.
• “On Line” and “Off Line” Cleaning and Soak wash system
Reservoir and piping for “on-line” cleaning system and “off-line” soak cleaning system
• Simple Cycle Exhaust System
Exhaust stack assembly:
Expansion joint
Elbow duct
Stack (40 meters high)
Emission ports for sample probes
Four emission ports dedicated to the Environmental Protection Agency testing
Ladders and platforms
All bolting hardware, gaskets and field insulation
• CO Reduction System
CO emissions catalyst reduction system (COR) as a part of the exhaust stack:
Expansion joint
CO oxidation catalyst
• Gas Fuel Filter / Coalescing Skid
Skid consisting of duplex (2×100%) coalescing gas fuel filters
• Demineralized water filter skid
Skid consisting of 2×100% water filters
• Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)
One CEMS system for the combustion turbine package with an extractive sampling
system that provides continuous monitoring of the following parameters:
Turbine exhaust flow
• GTG Foundation Anchoring system
Equipment foundation anchoring systems for the combustion turbine generator
package only.
• GTG Motor Control Center
AC Motor Control Center for the gas turbine package motors and heaters
• Power Control Module (PCM)
Prefabricated Power Control Module designed for the installation of the GTG electrical
control gear
• Interconnect piping
Interconnecting piping between supplied equipment
• Vent piping
Vent piping for the supplied equipment
• Electrical control and power interconnect cable
Interconnecting cabling between supplied equipment
Cable trays, supports and accessories for the interconnecting cabling
• Component testing and factory test for package
The core gas turbine is performance tested at a GE Test Cell
The generator is factory-tested at is factory of manufacture
• Drawings, data and manuals
General Arrangement drawings
Flow & Instrument diagrams
Electrical on-line drawings
Electrical schematic diagrams
Logic diagrams
O&M manuals
Quality Plan and associated quality documentation applicable to the
equipment supplied and testing activities







2 x SGT500 – Unused Power Plant Details

The following is the current configuration offered for 2 x SGT500 GTG’s Unused zero houred condition supplied by Siemens OEM to Marine specifications for the equipment under offer and is subject to remaining unsold at the time of your valued order.